Characterization of ghrelin mRNA expression in fasting Larimichthys crocea juveniles

Feng Liu Xiaokang Lv Tianqi Chu Mengjie Wang Wei Zhan Bao Lou

Feng Liu, Xiaokang Lv, Tianqi Chu, Mengjie Wang, Wei Zhan, Bao Lou. Characterization of ghrelin mRNA expression in fasting Larimichthys crocea juveniles[J]. Acta Oceanologica Sinica. doi: 10.1007/s13131-020-1692-z
Citation: Feng Liu, Xiaokang Lv, Tianqi Chu, Mengjie Wang, Wei Zhan, Bao Lou. Characterization of ghrelin mRNA expression in fasting Larimichthys crocea juveniles[J]. Acta Oceanologica Sinica. doi: 10.1007/s13131-020-1692-z

doi: 10.1007/s13131-020-1692-z

Characterization of ghrelin mRNA expression in fasting Larimichthys crocea juveniles

Funds: The Key Research and Development Project of Zhejiang Province under contract Nos. 2016C02055-7 and 2017C02013.
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  • Figure  1.  Multiple alignment of ghrelin amino acid sequences. The comparison includes ghrelin sequences from the teleost species O. mykiss (BAD02980.1), S. salar (NP_001133057.1), L. crocea (NP_001290260.1), E. coioides (AJS13600.1), S. chuatsi (ALB25888.1), D. labrax (ABG49130.1), A. schlegelii (AAV65509.1), Oncorhynchus mossambicus (BAC55160.1), S. richardsonii (AWB11399.1), M. piceus (AIZ50369.1), D. rerio (ACJ76436.1). Identical amino acids are highlighted in black, strongly similar amino acids are printed in white letters with dark gray underline.

    Figure  2.  Phylogenetic trees analysis based on ghrelin amino sequences. GenBank Accession numbers of sequences used are R. norvegicus (BAA89370.1), M. mulatta (AAQ74381.1), H. sapiens (ADM33790.1), G. gallus (AAP57945.1), X. laevis (BAL70270.1), C. pyrrhogaster (BAM29300.1), S. richardsonii (AWB11399.1), M. piceus (AIZ50369.1), D. rerio (ACJ76436.1), T. fulvidraco (ALK82256.1), Oncorhynchus mykiss (BAD02980.1), S. salar (NP_001133057.1), O. mossambicus (BAC55160.1), L. crocea (NP_001290260.1), E. coioides (AJS13600.1), S. chuatsi (ALB25888.1), D. labrax (ABG49130.1), A. schlegelii (AAV65509.1).

    Figure  3.  Expression of ghrelin mRNA in different tissues of L. crocea juvelines. Expression levels of all tissues are expressed relative to the brain. Data are shown as mean±SEM (n=9). Significant differences are indicated with different lowercase letters above the vertical bars (P<0.05).

    Figure  4.  Relative expression level of ghrelin in tissues of L. crocea juveniles treated with different lengths of fasting for stomach (a), muscle (b), brain (c), intestine (d), liver (e), and kidney (f). Expression levels were normalized as the average expression levels of the treatment group where the expression levels the control group (0 d) were set as 1. Data are shown as mean±SEM (n=9). Significant differences are indicated with different lowercase letters above the vertical bars (P<0.05).

    Table  1.   List of PCR primers used in this study

    GenePrimer nameSequence (5′–3′)Product length/bp
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